Programming Praxis – Build table

My first attempt to solve Programming Praxis exercise and hope to continue one every week. System.IO.StreamReader file = new System.IO.StreamReader(“test.txt”); while ((line = file.ReadLine()) != null) { sHtmlTable.Append(” “); foreach (string word in line.Split(‘,’)) sHtmlTable.AppendFormat(“{0} “, word); sHtmlTable.Append(” “); } sHtmlTable.Append(” “); Let’s keep it coming! Advertisements

Sencha – Post deployment follow up

This post is a follow up post after we released our product out into ITunes store and Google Play front. Firstly, this post is not a rant. I still think Sencha and JQuery Mobile are great ways to develop mobile – and I do think that we should support cross device container style of development. … Continue reading

PhoneGap Vs. Titanium – A Review

PhoneGap Vs. Titanium? HTML5 Vs. Hybrid solution? These questions will be there for anyone starting out to build Mobile applications. I compared the top two contenders, one in each domain and have listed out their features.   Features PhoneGap Appcelerator HTML 5 applciation running in iOS/Android container. Typically a web application.UI elements are rendered using jQuery, … Continue reading

Titanium Installation

Installing Titanium on Mac was a easy-breezy experience. But installing Titanium on Windows is not what I would exactly describe as a pleasant experience. I had a few hiccups down the road with quite a few things. Maybe, this post will help someone. Failed to create Java Virtual Machine Solution: remove –launcher.XXMaxPermSize 256m from titaniumstudio.ini and … Continue reading

Installing a Firefox Add-on

I found myself ‘googling’ for this one – Installing a xpi file. I’ve been so used to searching for the add-on from the Firefox Tool bar option and installing it right from there. But has no idea how to install a .xpi (extension for a Firefox add-on). The answer is very simple. Drag and drop the .xpi … Continue reading


And since my blogline has Commute in it mostly because I do end up spending a substantial amount of my waking time in commute – a good 2 hours, make it 2.5 when there’s been an accident and/or a medical emergency, disabled vehicle, snow storm, rains or when the sun’s out (typical summer day). We, New Englanders are … Continue reading


I have, for sometime worked with Ajax but have totally forgotten why I steered away from UpdatePanels in the first place. It is one of those things you know is evil and manage to stay away from that. All it takes is to sit back and think why. It does help to think basic. I … Continue reading

Asynchronous Calls and Session State

The PageMethods way PageMethods use a XMLHttpRequest object to send a request (asynchronously) to a URL. PageMethods are static methods on the page and they do make writing AJAX application seem easy. Pagemethods are not instantiated and ASP.NET does not run through the page life cycle. Including a ScriptManager in your code with EnablePageMethods turned … Continue reading


Fake Ajax – The fake alternative to Ajax This one is really old, close to 5 years. And these days, that’s ancient. And this one has to be dug out of the closet for enhancing the website’s performance when IE is still the default corporate browser. It is quite common to see the page flicker … Continue reading


New Blogging Resolution With a new blogging resolve, I’m back to write about stuff that I find interesting.